Objectives & Aims

Objectives & Aims


(a) To provide political leadership for a united, peaceful, progressive, democratic, prosperous and self-confident Kenya.

(b) To promote national unity and reconciliation of the people of the Republic of Kenya within the framework of pluralistic democracy and good governance, which is founded on the principles of justice, liberty, equality, transparency, accountability, openness and respect for the rule of law?

(c) To pursue and promote, human and people’s rights as defined in the universal declaration of Human Rights, and the African Constitution of Human Rights.

(d) To pursue and promote economic, social and political development for the benefit of the people of Kenya.

(e) To maintain sustained economic growth, attain a just and cohesive society enjoying equitable social clean and secure environment, a people –centered, result- oriented, and accountable democratic political system and a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life.

(f) To participate in National Elections and to nominate PARTY candidates in respect of the Presidential, Senate, County, Parliamentarian and Member of County Assembly Elections with the aim of forming a government so as to implement its programs and objectives.

(g) To promote and establish a fair and just leadership in the governance of the country, devoid of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, racism and all forms of discrimination.

(h) To establish a government, coalition government and or government of national unity which shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Kenya.

(i) To contract Kenyans in the Diaspora to repatriate skills and wealth acquired abroad to benefit the Kenyan nation.